Sourdough bread with walnuts

Out of all the things one can add to sourdough bread, walnuts top my list First time I had a really delicious walnut bread coincided with my growing interest for baking. I was in London on a business trip and on my way from a meeting with my mind set on getting out of my suit and into a hot bath back at the hotel, I walked past the most lovely of all British bakery’s. It was something out of a Jamie Oliver-dream, with homemade jam, pickled... Read More

Sourdough with wheat and apples

The uncomplicated sourdough with sweetness from apples When adding flavour to my breads there are a couple of things I prefer – potatoes, olives, seeds, currants, or in this case apples. I find them quite interesting especially when baking bread because the different varieties all have their own personality. Some are sweet as sugar, while others are acidic and therefore contributes in various ways to the breads flavour and consistency. I use... Read More