Apple beignets

Beignets, apple fritters, whatever you might call them – they’re wicked in any language How can I even begin to describe these little precious gems of friedness? Think of a small ball-shaped donut that you can eat lot’s of. Of course, the beignets origins from France and are probably what later evolved into donuts but the reason I love to bake them is that they’re fail-safe and you can vary the fillings depending on season... Read More

Homemade tarragon vinegar

The bbq-season is saved! This is so trivial that for a while I was wondering if it was even worth writing about. Maybe I should have a column on one side only for things that I absolutely must tell you, for that needs to be said and no longer can be contained inside my head? Back to topic. Soon it will be summer and barbeques are already starting to warm up. A homemade béarnaise (slungad bearnaise as we call it in Sweden) is something of a highlight... Read More

Smoothie with spinach and pineapple

For that necessary kickstart in the morning Smoothies play a crucial role in my well-being. The classic is a handful of frozen raspberries, a few strawberries, greek yogurt, a splash of juice, a banana and a little honey. Blend and devour. But when spring arrives I have a tradition of trying to resuscitate my body after almost half a year of cold, and Mordorish darkness. Yes, we Swedes do love our winter, but don’t forget that we also love... Read More

Financiers with chocolate ganache

Well hi there my little french darling! A while ago I came across one for me completely new acquaintance – Financier with chocolate filling. A classic financier is often made in a fine, almost leaf-like shape, and then garnished with a little flaked almonds. But that is the classic version and although it is nice at a fika in a summer morning with a glass of elderberry juice, if always prefer this version. What I did (of course not without... Read More

Lobster soup – the way it was intended to be

Why are there so few songs written in tribute to the lobster soup? Lobster soup is for me one of the absolute cornerstones when it comes to mastering The Art of Soup . Not because it is difficult to achieve a great result, but because it requires time, it requires relatively expensive ingredients and it always gets the guests to get down on their knees and their taste buds will build a little temple to remember what you did for generations to come. The... Read More

Carrot cake – finally we’re friends

We’ve come a long, long way my baby During those lazy years as a student at the university, when most of my time was spent at a café with a cigarette, a latte and a piece of pastry the carrot cake and I had a pretty crappy relationship. We were a bit like a Nicholas Cage / Juliette Lewis-ish couple where we went from fab to act like trashy scum. While we tore each other apart, we could not live without the other. It was of course completely... Read More

Banana cake – it doesn’t get any better than this

A shout-out to my friends vanilla and nutmeg for a job well done! I am the typical banana consumer – standing there in the store with fingers awkwardly on a bag of organic yellow treats and I always think That will be nice in the filmjölk tomorrow morning. The morning after I come to my senses with my lips wrapped around the opening of a juice tetra and realize that breakfast will be eaten at the office this day, too. I might grab some fruit... Read More

Sourdough bread with walnuts

Out of all the things one can add to sourdough bread, walnuts top my list First time I had a really delicious walnut bread coincided with my growing interest for baking. I was in London on a business trip and on my way from a meeting with my mind set on getting out of my suit and into a hot bath back at the hotel, I walked past the most lovely of all British bakery’s. It was something out of a Jamie Oliver-dream, with homemade jam, pickled... Read More

Cloudberry cupcakes – the kiss of Swedish autumn

Thank you nature for providing me with such a tasty goodness I’ve spent more than a week in Sälen, patiently waiting for the cloudberries to mature on the surrounding bogs. It’s absolutely stunning here this time of the year and for the most part of the day totally silent. No tourists to disturb the peace when me and Leon leave the house and head for the hills. After an hour or so of hiking Leon as always decides he’s had enough... Read More

Clementine Curd – the curdest of the curd

On the toast, to fill the cupcakes with or why not a mini-pie with clementine curd? I’ve heard so much talk about curd that I started comparing it to the sourdough bread curse. It’s like once you’ve tried it, there is no turning back. Honestly I thought curd was a bit like a mayonnaise but with fruit in. How wrong I was. A curd is juice of fruit that you mix with eggs and sugar and then heat it in a water... Read More

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