Financiers with chocolate ganache

Hi there my petite french friends! A while ago I made a new acquaintance – Financiers with chocolate filling. Simple yet decadent, exactly the way I love it! A classic financier is often baked in a leaf-like shape tin, and then garnished with flaked almonds. For this recipe, since I needed a cavity in which the ganache could be piped, I bought a Siliconflex – savarin 18 x 18 ml (picture here) which turned out to be an excellent form. I do... Read More

Ramson pesto

Seriously, this is the best thing I’ve for the whole spring Call me patheticly romantical when it comes to everything from the fabuolous island of Gotland or maybe it’s just the spring arriving, but the first ramson always eagerly awaited and appreciated. There are lots of other places in Sweden where you can also pick bags full of wild garlic, but for me Gotland is synonymous with birch groves with an aura of garlic scent. Just like... Read More

Rhubarb cordial with elderflower

Rhubarb cordial taken to the next level So far it’s been a fantastic year for rhubarb. Lots of rain and just enough sunshine. Don’t think I’ve watered the little chaps more than a couple of times and they just keep growing. First up in the rhubarb indulgence was of course some pie with feta cheese, followed by a lot of of rhubarb curd and some other goodies, before I collected a huge helping and made loads of rhubarb cordial. But this is the... Read More

Swedish cardamom buns

Cinnamon Bun Day 2013 was celebrated without cinnamon but with the best bun. At one stage back in time I ended up – and don’t ask me how – in a discussion about which spice you absolutely couldn’t live without. The obvious choices came up, like vanilla, chili and someone who had had one Fernet Branca too many suggested Fish spice (he was immediately disqualified). But nobody thought of cardamom. Forgotten in the heat of battle, it had been... Read More

Rhubarb curd

Yummie curd made of tender Spring rhubarbs I love rhubarb on a level only be compared to that of champagne and well made Belgian chocolate. This has probably something to do with those moments when Spring has just sprung and you start preparing the vegetable beds for all the goodies about to be sown – and then rhubarbs are already sticking up in the shape of little colourful temptations. In a way, they are the first signs of a good Summer to come,... Read More

Spruce shoot syrup

Time for some fun in the forest For almost a year I have jealously looked at my friend Tina’s jar of spruce shoot syrup in their kitchen window and I swear – it’s teasing me on purpose. But that has come to an end now that it’s finally the big spruce shoots season! Spruce shoots is not only stunningly beautiful and soft like tiny guinea pigs. They also contain vitamin C and if you ask those who see the forest as their private... Read More

Traditional Swedish rye bread

Payback for those Sunday evenings on the bike When I was little, I did what many other young boys in need of a first extra income did – I handed out leaflets. Fortunately, my patch was a central area of Sala which mainly consisted of villas. The good thing with these was that you could have your bag across your shoulder and, without stopping, fill their letter boxes, which were strategically placed near the pavement. It was like a scene taken from... Read More

Rhubarb lemonade

It just ain’t summer without it Swedish rhubarb season marks the start of our summer and it’s the first thing we can harvest when the snow is finally gone. To understand exactly how much we love our rhubarb have a look at this Google Trends-chart. It’s like we think of nothing but rhubarb from the middle of May until the beginning of June. My father-in-law and his best friend, Chief aka The Chief, did some serious harvesting a... Read More

Never throw away a banana again

I wish someone had told me this years ago We always have bananas at home. Is it not to have as a snack, complement to a quick breakfast or to mash into a cake we make tons of smoothies. But no matter how many we eat, almost every week there is at least one that hides in the shadows and don’t show up until it’s covered in brown spots. The sight of those spots awakens the memories of when I was a kid and my grandmother offered me fruit. On... Read More

Mini cheesecake with raspberries

Hooray for simple desserts that are anything but simple in taste! This recipe was supposed to be posted in advance of Walpurgis Day (the day when 30.000 students in Uppsala parties like it was the end of days while the rest of us reminisce the good old days and have the first BBQ for the season), but because there were racks of lamb to marinate, ganaches to make and a mouthwatering collection of dryckjom (beverages) there was no time to sit down... Read More

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