Rhubarb curd

Yummie curd made of tender Spring rhubarbs I love rhubarb on a level only be compared to that of champagne and well made Belgian chocolate. This has probably something to do with those moments when Spring has just sprung and you start preparing the vegetable beds for all the goodies about to be sown – and then rhubarbs are already sticking up in the shape of little colourful temptations. In a way, they are the first signs of a good Summer to come,... Read More

Clementine Curd – the curdest of the curd

On the toast, to fill the cupcakes with or why not a mini-pie with clementine curd? I’ve heard so much talk about curd that I started comparing it to the sourdough bread curse. It’s like once you’ve tried it, there is no turning back. Honestly I thought curd was a bit like a mayonnaise but with fruit in. How wrong I was. A curd is juice of fruit that you mix with eggs and sugar and then heat it in a water... Read More