Financiers with chocolate ganache

Hi there my petite french friends! A while ago I made a new acquaintance – Financiers with chocolate filling. Simple yet decadent, exactly the way I love it! A classic financier is often baked in a leaf-like shape tin, and then garnished with flaked almonds. For this recipe, since I needed a cavity in which the ganache could be piped, I bought a Siliconflex – savarin 18 x 18 ml (picture here) which turned out to be an excellent form. I do... Read More

My best hot chocolate

Let’s talk hot chocolate for a few minutes. I think I said it before, but I’ll say it again – there is nothing wrong with prefab hot cocoa like Swiss Miss when you’re in places like Sälen or any other ski-resort, smeared with sunblock like a movie from the 80’s and air is filled with the scent of bratwursts from the bbq a little further up the hill. Or in a morning like today – summer but with a heavy rain pouring... Read More