Ramson pesto

Seriously, this is the best thing I’ve for the whole spring Call me patheticly romantical when it comes to everything from the fabuolous island of Gotland or maybe it’s just the spring arriving, but the first ramson always eagerly awaited and appreciated. There are lots of other places in Sweden where you can also pick […]

Spruce shoot syrup

Spruce shoot syrup

Time for some fun in the forest For almost a year I have jealously looked at my friend Tina’s jar of spruce shoot syrup in their kitchen window and I swear – it’s teasing me on purpose. But that has come to an end now that it’s finally the big spruce shoots season! Spruce shoots is […]

Cloudberry cupcakes – the kiss of Swedish autumn

Thank you nature for providing me with such a tasty goodness I’ve spent more than a week in Sälen, patiently waiting for the cloudberries to mature on the surrounding bogs. It’s absolutely stunning here this time of the year and for the most part of the day totally silent. No tourists to disturb the peace […]