Rhubarb cordial with elderflower

Rhubarb cordial taken to the next level So far it’s been a fantastic year for rhubarb. Lots of rain and just enough sunshine. Don’t think I’ve watered the little chaps more than a couple of times and they just keep growing. First up in the rhubarb indulgence was of course some pie with feta cheese, followed by a lot of of rhubarb curd and some other goodies, before I collected a huge helping and made loads of rhubarb cordial. But this is the elderflower season and since... Read More

Swedish cardamom buns

Cinnamon Bun Day 2013 was celebrated without cinnamon but with the best bun. At one stage back in time I ended up – and don’t ask me how – in a discussion about which spice you absolutely couldn’t live without. The obvious choices came up, like vanilla, chili and someone who had had one Fernet Branca too many suggested Fish spice (he was immediately disqualified). But nobody thought of cardamom. Forgotten in the heat of battle, it had been left on its shelf and nobody... Read More

Hello my beloved strawberry ice cream

Now then, it’s proper summer It’s been a magnificently stressful week. After having sold our flat (when our neighbours sold theirs, there were some additional bidders and we just couldn’t resist) and gone house hunting a few months ago, we realised that time was running out. While waiting for our dream house to turn up, we therefore bought a bigger flat (bigger kitchen!), relatively newly built (under floor heating in the bathrooms!) and with two balconies of which one is... Read More

My best hot chocolate

Let’s talk hot chocolate for a few minutes. I think I said it before, but I’ll say it again – there is nothing wrong with prefab hot cocoa like Swiss Miss when you’re in places like Sälen or any other ski-resort, smeared with sunblock like a movie from the 80’s and air is filled with the scent of bratwursts from the bbq a little further up the hill. Or in a morning like today – summer but with a heavy rain pouring down on us. It tastes good... Read More

Rhubarb curd

Yummie curd made of tender Spring rhubarbs I love rhubarb on a level only be compared to that of champagne and well made Belgian chocolate. This has probably something to do with those moments when Spring has just sprung and you start preparing the vegetable beds for all the goodies about to be sown – and then rhubarbs are already sticking up in the shape of little colourful temptations. In a way, they are the first signs of a good Summer to come, for yet another year. It the... Read More