Homemade tarragon vinegar

The bbq-season is saved! This is so trivial that for a while I was wondering if it was even worth writing about. Maybe I should have a column on one side only for things that I absolutely must tell you, for that needs to be said and no longer can be contained inside my head? Back to topic. Soon it will be summer and barbeques are already starting to warm up. A homemade béarnaise (slungad bearnaise as we call it in Sweden) is something of a highlight for any family dinner and... Read More

Smoothie with spinach and pineapple

For that necessary kickstart in the morning Smoothies play a crucial role in my well-being. The classic is a handful of frozen raspberries, a few strawberries, greek yogurt, a splash of juice, a banana and a little honey. Blend and devour. But when spring arrives I have a tradition of trying to resuscitate my body after almost half a year of cold, and Mordorish darkness. Yes, we Swedes do love our winter, but don’t forget that we also love to complain about the same winter... Read More