Carrot cake – finally we’re friends

We’ve come a long, long way my baby During those lazy years as a student at the university, when most of my time was spent at a café with a cigarette, a latte and a piece of pastry the carrot cake and I had a pretty crappy relationship. We were a bit like a Nicholas Cage / Juliette Lewis-ish couple where we went from fab to act like trashy scum. While we tore each other apart, we could not live without the other. It was of course completely unsustainable. Years passed,... Read More

Banana cake – it doesn’t get any better than this

A shout-out to my friends vanilla and nutmeg for a job well done! I am the typical banana consumer – standing there in the store with fingers awkwardly on a bag of organic yellow treats and I always think That will be nice in the filmjölk tomorrow morning. The morning after I come to my senses with my lips wrapped around the opening of a juice tetra and realize that breakfast will be eaten at the office this day, too. I might grab some fruit to eat on the way, but usually... Read More