The story about how phyllo ended an agonizing hunt for a dessert

Expectations were high but time was running low Last night my old friend Urge For A Dessert was knocking on the door. I know I should have told him to go away, to force him out of the house and return to eat rolled oats with a pinch of cinnamon. It’s almost spring, the layers of clothes I’ve been hiding in for the last couple of months must come off soon and with that the realization that one can not live on sugar alone. Then again, it was snowing yesterday and the... Read More

Macarons with blueberry ganache

Now why haven’t I tried this combination before? 2011 was the year when every Swedish kitchen geek were obliged to offer macarons as soon as there were to be fika served. Two pods Livanto right down the Nespresso machine and a small macaron on the saucer next served with the obligatory story about how you’ve eaten them in Paris on a spring day when the filter house for reasons of age were converted into shopping at La Fayette. It was just so right. I could go on for... Read More

Sourdough with wheat and apples

The uncomplicated sourdough with sweetness from apples When adding flavour to my breads there are a couple of things I prefer – potatoes, olives, seeds, currants, or in this case apples. I find them quite interesting especially when baking bread because the different varieties all have their own personality. Some are sweet as sugar, while others are acidic and therefore contributes in various ways to the breads flavour and consistency. I use a grater and add the apples... Read More

Oatmeal cookies with raisins

Simplicity at it’s finest When it comes to fika, few things beat a beautiful mushy, fresh pastry with a lot of details that you assemble and serve immediately. But you can not just have a fika with cupcakes, brownies and cakes – it’s too much. You need something simple, something with crunch, something that can’t be confused with a small meal. There is also a special place in hell for the moments when an unexpected visitor drops by and I haven’t... Read More

Glaze frosting – the real deal

Glazed frosting is to be boiled, not just mixed I get so tired when something simple isn’t allowed to be just simple, when it has to be so complicated to such an extent in order to sort the common man from the professionals. When you’re not allowed doing something because the result won’t be as good as if you did it the right way. The truth however is it will work out just as fine doing it the simple way (ie. the easy way) but in order to draw a distinct line... Read More