Johan Hedberg Matgeek

Welcome to I Am Foodgeek. My name is Johan Hedberg and when I’m not in the kitchen or somewhere were there’s food being served, I’m Head of Marketing at Luppo Kommunikation AB. But that’s not why you’re here (if it is, please head over to my LinkedIn profile instead).

Not that it’s something unique but I started my Swedish foodblog Matgeek 2009 as a way of saving my recipes. After a while visitors found their way to the blog and now I have a steady stream of foodies coming around every day.

What we see in Sweden right now is a newly found interest in local products and an increasing respect for small scale producers no matter if it’s artisan bread or cattle. At the same time people are becoming more and more conscious of the food they put on the table and truly appreciate the taste of real flavors and discard the artificial ones.

So why not share that with the rest of the world? I hope you’re interested in finding out more about the Scandinavian kitchen with all the influences we get from all over the world.

Main focus here is food and pastries from the northern part of Sweden where tradition from generations past meets influences from France, Germany and cultures far far away.

If you have any sort of questions, ideas or just want to find out where to go in Sweden to find the world’s best butter, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Easiest way is to send me a mail or find me on Twitter.

Finally, Instagram is my drug of choice when it comes to photosharing. I’ll see you there!