Never throw away a banana again

Banana slices

I wish someone had told me this years ago

We always have bananas at home. Is it not to have as a snack, complement to a quick breakfast or to mash into a cake we make tons of smoothies. But no matter how many we eat, almost every week there is at least one that hides in the shadows and don’t show up until it’s covered in brown spots. The sight of those spots awakens the memories of when I was a kid and my grandmother offered me fruit.

On the farm where my grandparents lived throwing away perfectly good food was out of the question. To not eat what you brought home, whether it was from the store or their own vegetable gardens, was the height of disrespect.

I think the generation after them rebelled against that. They had not experienced the pressure of war around the corner (Sweden was neutral during WWII and managed to stay out of the fighting) and at the same time only being able to buy rationed food put household knowledge to a test. When the stores a couple of years late instead were filled to the brim with goods and everything was available almost all year round, there was no reason to eat anything that was not perfectly ripe.

What I do is also a form of rebellion. I don’ throw away food. I enjoy pickin nettles, sorrel, tender dandelion leaves and ground elder. Not because I have to but because I can. And because it’s a way to show respect for what nature offers us.

Today I understand my grandmother better. One should of course not throw bananas just because they reach a later stage in the maturation process. Instead, find a good use for them

But if you do not want to make a green morning smoothie or banana cake with toasted hazelnuts and chocolate, don’t suffer from anxiety because here’s the reason for this post:

– When the bananas are starting to look a little too dodgy to eat, peel them, slice into coins or sticks and freeze.

Perfect to throw in the blender along with for example rhubarb, white currants, some juice and greens like spinach. A second later, you have a lovely and cool smoothie.

And you never have to throw away a banana ever again.