Homemade tarragon vinegar

Tarragon vinegar recipe

The bbq-season is saved!

This is so trivial that for a while I was wondering if it was even worth writing about. Maybe I should have a column on one side only for things that I absolutely must tell you, for that needs to be said and no longer can be contained inside my head?

Back to topic. Soon it will be summer and barbeques are already starting to warm up. A homemade béarnaise (slungad bearnaise as we call it in Sweden) is something of a highlight for any family dinner and for me it’s an absolute must to at least once every second week during the summer enjoy good meat, a classic béarnaise and fresh potatoes.

In order to ensure the special richness one must use good tarragon that is packed with flavor, preferably fresh picked from the garden, but it works with the one you buy in the store too. Or even dried if worst comes to worst.

But there is a trick to ensure a small taste explosion in your mouth and that is to let tarragon marinate in vinegar. Long time.

Therefore, do as follows immediately and summer is secured:
– Buy a plant of tarragon if you haven’t grown your own. Cut off some twigs and put them in a glass bottle or a jar.
– Fill the bottle or jar with a simple white wine vinegar and cover with the lid.
– Let sit for everything from a few days (tasty!) to a month (YAY!).

Use vinegar as usual according to your favorite recipe and I promise you will never want to use regular again